Social programme

ECBB2022 – All of Life is Social would not be complete without a Social Program.
Below you can view the activities we have organized for you.
Please sign up using this form at your earliest convenience, so we can make sure your ECBB experience is truly social! 

All updates on the Social Program will be posted here and announced via Twitter, so please follow:

Wednesday July 20
17:00Welcome drinks
Thursday July 21
7:00Morning run** through Groningen (Noorderplantsoen)
18:30Dinner Lottery* meet other participants in restaurants
Friday July 22
7:00Morning run** through Groningen (Noorderplantsoen)
17:30Treasure hunt*** in Groningen city center
20:30Pubquiz in Bierkluis (Graansilo)
Saturday July 23
7:00Morning run** through Groningen (Noorderplantsoen)
18:00Conference Dinner

Dinner Lottery *
We offer the opportunity to have dinner with other, random, conference participants. It’s an easy way to meet new people! We made reservations at various downtown restaurants, and you can sign up for a restaurant of your choice at the ECBB registration desk.

A table is reserved for ‘ECBB’ at the given time/location. You do have to pay for your own dinner. Scroll down to see the participating restaurants.

If you do sign up, please do go and not leave a seat empty. Dinner tables for 6 persons each are reserved as of 19.00 at various restaurants (table will be released at 19.30, please be on time).
See below the participating restaurants.

Morning run **
We are looking forward to welcoming you for a daily 5 x 1 km morning run during ECBB! The run will take place at the Noorderplantsoen park, Groningen, and we will meet at the south entrance (Noorderhaven) close to the Plantsoenbrug (bridge).
07:00 Warming-up
07:10 Start run

Friday Night Social ***
Treasure Hunt: explore Groningen with fellow ECBB participants! You will follow a walking route (~1.5 hours) filled with riddles, assignments and other fun. We will start at 17:30 at the pub Kroeg van Klaas, so if you want to join, please make sure to report there at 17:15 (5 minute walk from the Oosterpoort). No need to register! We have unlimited availability and teams can be formed on the go. 

Pubquiz: if you have indicated you are interested in participating in the pubquiz, you have received an e-mail. If there are any spots left, we will communicate this on Friday afternoon, so keep an eye on the website and on Twitter. Please come to the Bierkluis (basement bar of the Graansilo (- 2 minute walk from Oosterpoort) at 20:00 to get your team ready, we will start at 20:30!

Participating restaurants in the Dinner Lottery on Thursday:
Restaurant Bla Bla
Nieuwe Boteringestraat 9

Four Rose’s
Oosterstraat 71

Mr. Mofongo
Cuisine of the world
Oude Boteringestraat 26

Traditional Dutch cuisine
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8

Café Willem Albert (Market Hotel)
Modern Dutch Cuisine
Grote Markt 31

Vismarkt 56

Pizza & Street food
Uurwerkersplein 1

Brussels Lof
Classic & Modern Cuisine
Akerkstraat 24