6. Cultural evolution

Cultural evolution
Chairs: Edwin van Leeuwen (University of Antwerp) and Caroline Schuppli (Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour, Konstanz)

Nothing in the behavioural sciences makes sense except in the light of cultural evolution. In many taxa, social behaviour is both cause and consequence of cultural evolution, from tool use in primates and birds to the complex societies of social insects. In this symposium, we explore the extent to which the principles of biological evolution can be applied to the realm of habits, repertoires and language. To this end, we aim to bring together researchers studying a diversity of animal taxa, and from various disciplines including the social sciences, humanities and (behavioural) biology.

Rachel Harrison, The Natural History of ConformityThe Natural History of Conformity
Andrew Whiten, University of St AndrewsThe Extension of Behavioural Biology through Culture: Gene-Culture Coevolution in Animals
Tifany Volle, LECD Université Paris Nanterre, Nanterre, FranceLearning to sing like your neighbours: a long-term field study of the black redstart, Phoenicurus ochruros
Ines Marguerite Daras, Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES), Groningen, The NetherlandsModelling cultural transmission: do learning mechanisms matter?
Oliver Höner, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin, GermanyThe cultural basis of social hierarchies in spotted hyenas

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